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Parsons Gardens and Olympic Sculpture Park engagement| Debra & Robert

Debra and Robert had a lot of unique ideas for their engagement session. They wanted to show off the many sides of their personalities and interests, including their love for Starbucks and Robert’s passion for surfing. The result was a fun engagement that took us from Queen Anne to the Olympic Sculpture Park on Seattle’s waterfront.

Robert and Debra have more to say about their pre-wedding relationship, so be sure to scroll down past the photos to learn more about them in their own words.

Seattle engagement photography Parsons GardenspinimageSeattle engagement photographypinimage

Seattle engagement photographypinimage

Seattle engagement Parsons GardenspinimageSeattle engagement photographypinimageSeattle engagement Parsons GardenspinimageQueen Anne engagement photographypinimageSeattle engagement Parsons GardenspinimageSeattle Olympic Sculpture Park engagement sessionpinimageSeattle waterfront engagement pinimage

Seattle waterfront engagement pinimage

Seattle engagement photography-17pinimage

Olympic Sculpture Park engagement Seattle pinimageOlympic Sculpture Park engagement Seattle pinimage

Olympic Sculpture Park engagement Seattle pinimage

Their story in their own words:

  • How did you first meet? Who, what, when, where, and why? Give me the dirty details! Well, keep it PG-13. 😉

We met through a mutual friend.

  • When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something that he/she did or said?

We just connected so well. We both felt same about each other. Robert survived the Gauntlet. They were a series of questions and emails before Debra would agree to go on a date with Robert.

  • Tell the story of the proposal. Did you see it coming? How long was the planning? How did you feel? Were you nervous?, etc.

The planning took a few months and Robert was excited. Debra did and didn’t see it coming. Here Robert explains his proposal:

“The idea of a hike on the weekend was thrown out there after spending some time laying down false trails about an upcoming Portland trip with Polar bears and romantic dinners and dress wearing (Debra, not Robert). After a quick run home to gather necessary supplies – ring and wine and goldfish crackers – some initial reluctance to go on a hike was encountered, it was slightly damp. After some prodding and much worrying on my part, we managed to find the same hike at the same time on our phones. The Wild Side Trail. It wasn’t too long, not too popular and had a great view of Mt. Rainier when it’s not raining – yet to be verified obviously. We got the dogs ready Aflie (Debra’s dog) and Riley (Debra’s friend’s dog). As many of you know Washington trails are filled with all kinds of dangers – trolls and tigers, bandits and boars, sinkholes and simians. Luckily we encountered none of these. We did however have to ford many a raging river. Long and hard we trekked seeing many a wonder never before seen by mortal man. Far behind us were the cars and crowds and civilization. Truly we had ventured into the Wild Side. As we neared our goal- as best we could reckon from the limited sunlight and compass readings – I knew I needed to be stealthy. So Riley and I started to walk fast, on the pretext of scouting ahead for danger. As we moved quicker up the mountainside I withdrew the ring box from by pack. But due to its size I could not slip it into a pocket. So as any self-respecting magician would do I slipped it up my sleeve. After reconnoitering the area I joined back up with Debra and Aflie and informed them that the coast was clear, all the while keeping my arm hidden. As we drew closer to the summit I spied the lookout point and proceeded ahead. Once I arrived I stopped to retie my boots, at least that’s what someone thought. As I fiddled with the laces, in her impatience and desire to give the dogs some water she stepped past me to get a better look. As she did so I withdrew the box from my sleeve and on one knee opened it and then the course of history was forever changed with these 5 words: ‘Debra will you marry me?’ In shock she immediately said ‘Yes of course!’ and then spend the next few minutes asking if it was real and if I meant it (to be clear I don’t think she was asking if the ring was real but rather if it was really happening). We celebrated with a little wine and water for the dogs. After some of the initial shock wore off we started off on a new path both on the Wild Side Trail and in life.”



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