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A little about the chica behind the camera…

I am a world traveler and adventure seeker.  My twenties were spent fulfilling my wanderlust…swimming with dolphins, spending the night in the Sahara Desert, relaxing in the Blue Lagoon, exploring the great pyramids, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, and I even once showered with a spider the size of my hand!  During my travels I saw a great many interesting things and luckily my camera was always close at hand.  It was during these adventures that I discovered my passion for documenting the natural beauty and curious happenings around me.

I still travel as much as possible, but now my home base is Seattle. Here I have found new forms of natural beauty. A fleeting intimate moment between bride and groom just after their ceremony, or unexpected smile from a dreaming newborn. These are the moments I live for…the moments that make my heart beat faster, my camera click, and what you will treasure for many years afterwards. To me photography is not a list of forced poses and formality. It’s about having fun together, sharing laughs, and letting the special moments happen organically. This makes for photography that is truly a reflection of who you are and what you will want to remember.

I believe that laughter and fun is just the thing to bring out your true, natural self. While, I am more than happy to make a complete fool of myself to get the smiles and laughter flowing, I also know when to respectfully step back and anticipate the tender, emotional moments. That’s just how I roll! 😉

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