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Little pink boots

My project this year is to do a stock photo shoot each month, sticking to a theme suggested by you. The first theme was winter or rain… they pretty much go hand in hand around here, so I don’t feel that it is necessary to separate the two.

For this photo shoot I envisioned little rubber boots in a reflective puddle. I called up my friend, Olivia, to see if I could borrow her young daughter, Sophie, for the shoot. Sophie was ecstatic to have an excuse to play around in puddles, so she was happy to oblige.

Believe it or not, the hardest part of this shoot was finding a puddle! Darn you, Woodinville, and your perfectly even roads! We eventually found a puddle that was decent enough. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I had to make do with the one and only medium-sized puddle we saw anywhere.

Sophie is a silly one, just like her mom, and just like me. We cracked up the whole time she was prancing around in the puddle, and I managed to get a few stock worthy shots. Mostly, though, she just did her thing, and I was there to capture it.

She started out slow, hesitating a bit…

photo of girl standing in puddle with bootspinimage

She got a little closer to investigate…

photo of girl looking into puddlepinimage

A little closer still…

photo of girl looking into puddlepinimage

And then she jumped right in!

photo of girl about to jump in puddlepinimage

photo of girl splashing in puddlepinimage

There was no holding back after that! It was difficult for us to get her to leave, but she eventually decided she was cold enough to stop.

photo of little girl splashing in pink bootspinimage


The photos above to the right, and below, are more of what I was intending to get as stock photos. I’m so used to going with the flow, and capturing the moments, that it’s hard for me to not to do that!

photo of girl standing in puddlepinimage

I figured I could use what I got as stock… or not. That’s the beauty of a self-challenging project. No biggie if I don’t get exactly what I want, because it’s a personal project. These projects are meant to help me expand on what I do; to go beyond my comfort zone. The self-portrait project of last year really took me out of my comfort zone (mostly because I don’t like being in the photo), but I got better and better each month, and I went way beyond what I thought I could do.

I hope this year goes the same. How have I done so far? What should I do next month? I hope you will visit my Facebook Page to join in the most active conversations about my monthly project! 🙂

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