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Emerald City Trapeze wedding | Richmond & Dorothy

I was delighted when Richmond and Dorothy were referred to me by their friend, May, owner of Chopstix and now one of my preferred vendors. They trusted their friend’s suggestion and met with me to talk about their wedding. We clicked, which is one main reason I like to have in-person meetings, and they hired me to photograph yet another unique wedding in Seattle.

What stood out about this wedding to me was the funky venue, Emerald City Trapeze. If you’ve been following for a while, you might already know that I get a little gushy about cool venues, and this was no exception! As the name suggests, it’s a place for trapeze arts and classes. I myself had taken a few classes there, so I was quite excited about the prospect of shooting a wedding there too! Dorothy worked hard on some DIY details for her wedding, the venue did an excellent job transforming the space, and New Creations Weddings pulled it all together fabulously. Chopstix parked their truck outside, but all the food was served inside. It was one of the more seamlessly coordinated weddings I’ve attended, due in large part to New Creations Weddings, now also a preferred vendor of mine.

Dorothy and Richmond’s creativity was evident in their chosen decor and events, complete with a blind-folded banana feeding and live band karaoke. Their quirky personalities shined through the entire event from the photo table numbers to the hilarious wedding party introduction. It was a crazy fun Emerald City Trapeze wedding and I am honored to have been a part of it. Be sure to read more about this fun couple in their own words at the end of this post!

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Emerald City Trapeze wedding-10pinimage

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Emerald City Trapeze wedding-77pinimage

Emerald City Trapeze wedding-76pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-80pinimage

Emerald City Trapeze wedding-82pinimage

Chopstix catering at weddingpinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-84pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-85pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-86pinimage

Emerald City Trapeze wedding-90pinimagewedding at Emerald City TrapezepinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-91pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-93pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-95pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-98pinimage

wedding at Emerald City Trapezepinimagewedding at Emerald City Trapezepinimagewedding at Emerald City TrapezepinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-102pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-106pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-107pinimage

wedding at Emerald City TrapezepinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-115pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-114pinimage

Emerald City Trapeze wedding-119pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-121pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-122pinimageEmerald City Trapeze wedding-116pinimage

Here is a little more about Dorothy and Richmond in Dorothy’s words:

  • Tell the one thing you love most about each other.

I love Richmond’s sense of humor. He is very patient, caring, and supportive.

  • Besides getting married, what’s the one thing you’re looking forward to on your wedding day?

Seeing all of my favorite people and the live music.

  • Besides the honeymoon, what’s the one thing you’re looking forward to when the wedding is over?

Relaxing and enjoying our time together.

  • What inspired your décor or theme?

My art background, I am a photographer/painter/mixed media artist. I wanted everything to have a unique handmade look.

  • Please share anything else of your wedding story that you would like to.

I would like to get into the wedding/party decor industry. I love arts, crafts, and DIY!

Venue – Emerald City Trapeze

“Day-of” Coordination –  New Creations Weddings

Catering – Chopstix

Florist – Carina Booyens (Family Friend)

Linen Rentals – Abbey Party Rentals

Hair and Make up:   Brag Salon and Hello Mi Pretty

Dessert:  Menchie’s

Favors –  Little Rae’s Bakery

Lighting –  Seattle Event Lighting

Karaoke/Band/Emcee – Karaoke Kings

2nd Photographer –  Autumn Rudolph


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