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Casual engagement shoot with Candice and Russell


This past weekend presented promising weather for a photo shoot. I was so excited that the sun decided to show it’s bright yellow face over Seattle, that I didn’t even consider looking for a sheltered spot in case the rain came back. The appearance of the sun often tricks us¬† ignorant optimistic Northwestern folk, into thinking that it will remain sunny and suddenly be warm. I should have known better after living here for at least a decade.¬†Needless to say, about 10 minutes before the shoot, it started raining.

The weather literally put a damper on the plan to capture Candice and Russell against the gorgeous Seattle skyline at Kerry Park. I’m glad they had decided to go with a casual look, otherwise we may have had to cancel the entire shoot for fear of Candice freezing to death in a skirt. She had a jacket and jeans on, so she never got too uncomfortable.

After a few dreary shots, I remembered that there was an adorable, partially covered park a few blocks away. I had never been there, so I hoped that there was enough shelter from the trees to buy us some time while the Spring rain passed. Fortunately, there were several trees that provided ample protection from the elements.

We spent some time there, and, when the rain stopped, we even wandered around outside of the park. There were lots of good photo locations, and Candice and Russell were up for trying them all.

After we finished there, we headed back to Kerry Park to find a gaggle of teenagers posing for prom! Well, at least the weather was better. We wandered down the grassy hill a bit to get some more unconventional Kerry Park photos. Finally, we managed to get a few shots at the typical spots, including a few in the sculpture.

Throughout the shoot, wind and a light drizzle made an appearance on occasion, but the sun did too. The changing weather conditions made for a nice mix of lighting though! I even managed to capture them with a rainbow in the background! I’m glad they were such good sports about the temperamental weather.

They really did a great job! Such a cute and sweet couple. You can really tell that they are in love. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding later this month.


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