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A new weekly post: Super Candids!

I try to capture a lot of candid moments when I am photographing a client. It’s what I do best.  These candids are often a big part of telling a unique story of someone through their photos. However, there are often other smaller stories happening that make up that bigger story. I try to keep an eye out for these fleeting candid moments. Sometimes I am stealthy and catch people unawares and sometimes people catch me. Other times I am simply prepared by being in the right place at the right time and people will suddenly take advantage of the opportunity.

These smaller moments rarely make it to my blog or portfolio, but they are always shared with my clients. Each week I will finally be able to highlight these comical, precious, awkward, random, or somehow noteworthy candids that so often fall by the wayside of the bigger picture. I will call these “super candids”, because they are just a little over the top!

While many of these will be comical, please be aware that my intentions are not to make fun of anyone. Most of these photos are stuck fondly in my memory as all time favorites due to their unique, candid quality.

Let’s start with a couple, shall we?

Kids are ideal subjects for super candids, because they are either too cute for words, getting into something, and/or aren’t paying attention to that photographer over there. This little girl was no exception. She happened to be in two of my favorite candids from this Puyallup, WA wedding.

In this first one, she had been caught just after sticking her finger in the wedding cake before it had been served. I wish I had better timing on that one, but just knowing the story behind it cracks me up.

Little girl being caught after trying some wedding cake too soonpinimage

In this one, she is a little more innocent. This is just a moment that is too sweet for words. You ladies know what I’m talking about!

Cute photo of guy dancing with little girl at weddingpinimage

Check back next week for the next super candids!



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